C. C. Petersen

C. C. Petersen

Membro à 6 anos •
"The Cosmic Voice"

I specialize in science-related documentaries primarily, but have also done work in games and science-fiction podcasts. I am a trained scientist and technical writer and can pick up jargon very quickly. I am open to new projects. I try to make the technical sound conversational (in documentaries and long form). For games and SF podcasts, it's whatever is fun and makes the character come alive!


Two years of training in Boston with Wren Ross, Ken Cheeseman, and acting training at CP Casting.


I began by doing voice-overs for an online Webcast called AstroCast.TV (now in hiatus), and also worked with Massachusetts Institute of Technology Haystack Observatory on a series of specialized 'casts about their work in both the US and international radio astronomy community. Since then, I have voiced several planetarium documentaries, and on the "fun" side have done a few games and am a regular on a Star Trek fan broadcast. (That one I do for the love of Star Trek.)


I have been asked many times to help "localize" scripts (before recording). So, essentially, the client has paid me to be a "script doctor" to get the final result into colloquial or conversational English. This usually occurs when a script from another language has been translated into English and needs some finessing. I've also voiced some projects for projects in other countries, mostly in astronomy and physics, where the producers wanted an American English voice to help train their students learning English.