Brittany Juilfs

Brittany Juilfs

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"Pyon Pyon Bunny Girl"

I would say the things that I excel at are crazy, funny and silly voices. I am phenomenal at animated characters and most of my work is that, or anime/manga related works. Also sounds like oooh, yaayyy etc. I also have a incredible ear. What I mean by that is a lot of people have to take classes to do a accent, but I pick it up so easily that all I have to do is watch a movie or video over and over and I’m able to get the accent down. I have a absolutely beautiful singing voice and am told I sound like a Disney princess. I have written my own music album and recorded it (called Hold On) on Amazon or Spotify.


I have a BA in Acting and Music from Columbia College Chicago. During our time there we had to take electives that were in the acting branch in order to complete our degree. I elected for courses in voice acting, Shakespeare and stage combat. The last was more for fun. Below is some of the classes I attended outside of my college. Masterclasses and such. After college I have continued to do masterclasses as well have taught some improv for my self. I also speak almost near fluent Japanese which is where I currently live and work.

Commercial & Lifestyle Print Charlie Winfield FFT NYC
Booking the Job Heather Finn Frontier Booking
Acting for the Camera Craig Holzberg Avalon Artists
Film, Commercial, Improv Rachel Janette Dan Talent Group
Runway Workshop Shelby Wilson Dan Talent Group
Audition Technique Scott Cooper Dan Talent Group
Auditioning Technique Columbia College Chicago Chicago, IL
Stage Combat Columbia College Chicago Chicago, IL
Improvisation Columbia College Chicago Chicago, IL
Singing Technique Columbia College Chicago Chicago, IL
Dance- Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Columbia College Chicago Chicago, IL
Modern, Period
Audition Bootcamp Kathy Deitch New York, NY


My current steady jobs are with three different companies here in Japan. Most of them animate manga that manga artists have created and post it on YouTube. They have the same manga in Japanese but want to reach out to English viewers as well so that’s where I come in. I really love it, some episodes have multiple characters which is challenging and rewarding. I do the voices for multiple manga characters and record episodes daily for them. Sometimes I even translate Japanese to English. Before that I have done commercials, audiobooks etc. Before I moved to Japan 5 years ago I actually never did any voice over work. I worked mostly in film and stage musicals. However when I moved to Japan my acting options got limited due to visa and I finally took everyone’s advice that I have a unique voice and talent and started voice overs.


Post production sound editing (I currently work from home so I do my own editing)
Japanese N2 level