Brianna Wanlass

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"Authentic, versatile and engaging"

I come from a musical background, singing and playing guitar for many years. Got a good sense of rhythm and pace, paying close attention to the musicality of copy.
I’ve booked work in a political ads, radio imaging, corporate internet spots, automated phone messaging systems, podcast introductions, in-store customer service announcements, local business promo videos, and I work out of my home studio. My voice has great range, I can go from a mature, deep, serious/urgent tone- to a typical adult, informational, positive tone- to a youthful yet wise millennial tone.


I’ve been studying and working in voiceover for the past 3 years, having taking tons of workshops with voice actors Brent Allen Hagel, Craig Lee Thomas, and Katie Zeiner out of the Los Angeles based recording studio, Real Voice LA.
I gained knowledge in audio production by being a recording artists for many years. My voiceover demos were recorded, edited and mixed by me.


My biggest/favorite achievement was recently voicing a video ad encouraging San Diegans to vote for Measure A, helping to house the homeless.
I’ve booked work with KLA Corporation, Cadence Design Systems, DeVeera Technology, Go BIG Media, Muller Video Productions, Hed Hi Media, Youthcom Radio, 10 Ft. Single


My special skills definitely stem from 20 years experience singing, performing live and recording rock music. I come from a family of musicians and audio engineers.