Bill Maier

Membro à 2 anos •
"Refreshingly Natural...With a Whole Lot of Character!"
Bill Maier

Warm. Natural. Likeable.

These are the words clients use to describe Bill's voice. Whether it's a radio or TV commercial, a corporate training video or a documentary narration project, Bill truly INTERPRETS copy and brings your script to life. He's been doing that for over 20 years for clients like NBC-TV, The Disney Channel, Sun Maid Raisins, Nestle, and Nissan.

Although Bill sounds like the guy next door, you might be surprised to meet a few of his “friends.” A West Texas Cowboy. A Russian czar. A Minnesota fishing guide. A cantankerous senior citizen. Sherlock Homes. Bill's theater background allow him to bring these characters and many more to life. Need a unique character voice for an animation or gaming production? Give Bill your script and stand back!

With a doctorate in clinical psychology, Bill is also your go-to guy when it comes to projects containing highly technical, scientific, or medical terminology. He can also psychoanalyze your entire creative team at no extra charge!


I worked in Hollywood for several years and have trained with voice and acting coaches like David Paymer, Marice Tobias and the legendary Joanie Gerber.


NBC-TV and The Disney Channel (promos); Sears, Clorox, Nestle and Sun Maid Raisins (national spots); Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Suzuki and World Vision International (e-Learning and corporate training videos).


I can perform a wide variety of character voices and dialects (both US and international)...check out my character voice demo for some samples! I can also my natural voice AND in character. In fact I once recorded a "singing promo" for NBC-TV's Thursday night line-up, sung to the tune of "Jingle Bells!" Vocal range: bass/baritone.