Ben Balmaceda

Membro à 3 anos
"A warm, youthful and honest bass with high flexibility."
Ben Balmaceda

I'm a voice talent currently located in NY, and I record from my home studio. My biggest strength is my flexibility and energy. I put all of myself into my recordings, so I approach every take with as much energy as I can possibly muster. As a result, I've found my niche in indie games where strong action is the focus. I'm very proficient in character work, and I have a wide range of accents that I am quite comfortable with.


VO Auditioning Workshop - Brittany Lauda & Matt Shipman
ADR Workshop - Brittany Lauda & Matt Shipman
NYConnect 7 Week Course - Brittany Lauda
Adventures in Voice Acting Intermediate & Advanced Workshops - Tony Oliver


- Xoom (Paypal)

- Benefactors by Meridian Culpepper - Additional Voices

- World War Blue by Media Blasters - Additional Voices

- Perceptions of the Dead 2 by Ithaqua Labs - Government Spook (Supporting)
- Bloody Chronicles by Igrasil Studios - Martin (Minor)
- Overload by Revival Productions - Sanvi Tamboli (Minor)
- My Time in Portia by Pathea Games - Male Protagonist Voice 3 (Lead)
- Perceptions of the Dead by Ithaqua Labs - Waiter (Minor)
- CyberThreat by Conor McKenna - Randall "Randy" Shepard (Supporting)
- Infinite Adventures by Stormseeker Games - Doctor Akhmed (Supporting), Duke Horus Giamata (Supporting), Lord Gar Arsgreed (Supporting), Inquisitor Aedan Greymere (Supporting)
- Pale Spectrum by Ithaqua Labs - Preston (Supporting)
- A Near Dawn by Far-off Daydream Games - Harry Kline (Main), Morgan Daniels (Supporting)
- World In Danger by Colt Games - Red Wolf (Supporting)
- Immortal Empire by Tactic Studios Inc. - Yudin (Supporting)
- Vector Thrust by Time Symmetry - Prince Clovis (Supporting), Hummingbird (Supporting), AWACS PEACEYE (Supporting), Additional Voices

- God Complex by Name Pending Creations - Hercules (Supporting), Supay (Supporting), Raphael (Supporting)


-Audio cleaning and editing experience
-Video editing experience
-Strong graphic design proficiency