Bart van Hulle

Bart van Hulle

Membro à 6 anos •
"Native FLEMISH | allround workhorse for any kind of production"

Able to do a wide range of styles. From dark, scary movietrailers over corporate films and presenations to childfriendly stories.

Homerecording studio with Source Connect Pro / Skype for live direction

Based in Belgium (75km from Aachen)

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Conservatorium Hasselt (Belgium)


My name is Bart and I would like to offer you my voice. And I don’t have one, but many. Here are a few names who’ve already used my voice: Opel, Audi, Evian, BNP Paribas, Peugeot, Coca-Cola, Dunlop, Universal, Sony Pictures, Baxter, Mini, Goodyear, ...

Off-sreen presenter Commercial TV : Ka2
Trailervoice : VT4 / 2BE
Radiopresenter Public radio : Radio 2
Freelance Voicetalent


Coaching and recording Childvoices :