Bailey Wolfe

Bailey Wolfe

Membro à 3 anos •
"Relaxed playful confidence on demand."

Bailey Wolfe is a Korean American professional voice actress based in Minneapolis, who relishes playing characters with playful confidence–-and big stompy death robots, let’s be honest–-but welcomes forays into the realm of commercial audio.

The allure of video games was always hard to resist as she was growing up, but as it turns out, real live actual human beings are in them! This was a most convenient and timely discovery, as Bailey went from med student to voice actress, appearing in titles such as Warlock 2, God’s Trigger, and Mechwarrior 5.


Private coaching with Melissa Medina
Ongoing workouts and classes


Piranha Games (Mechwarrior Online, Mechwarrior 5)
One More Level (God's Trigger)
1C: Ino-Co via Voices in My Head Productions (Warlock 2)
Northwest Eye Surgeons (IVR)
Subsurface Games (With A Smile And A Gun Kickstarter)
Akimeta Metaverse Development Solutions (Educational video for the VA)
Starcalled Studios (Creatures of Vathis Kickstarter)


Some post-production, experience in engineering and medicine.