Antoine Sanières

Antoine Sanières

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"Voix masculine rassurante et aventureuse (français/allemand)"

Bonjour and Guten Tag everyone !

I apologize sincerely if my english is not perfect, but I guess it will be understandable ;)

Looking for a male voice-over in French or German for your videos? Or maybe just a English voice over with a french accent ? As an example I am one of the voice-over man of the great group Essilor!

I have been voice-over for 4 years now and my voice lends itself easily to young, dynamic, soothing, reassuring or confident atmospheres.

I work in my own home studio and with my RØDE NT microphone to deliver a man-made voice that will guide your video without losing the viewer’s attention.

My voice remains masculine but will bring a little more softness compared to male voices sometimes less open to the ear. For dubbing or voice-over, it will lend itself to dynamic and young atmospheres. I am particularly fond of projects where my voice will be able to give an adventurous, serious, institutional, motivating, assured, informative and even sometimes funny and epic atmosphere.

I’ll let you listen to it and judge.

Most of the voice-over projects I propose are projects:

- male voice-over of institutional films
- male voice-over advertising video
- male voice-over training video
- male voice-over of audiovisual communication videos
- male voice-over documentary dubbing and web/TV ad

See you soon!


*I only move in studio around Lyon and in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Most of my voice-over missions are done in home studio and I deliver the voice-over recording directly to you (usually in - 24H). Several attempts are possible of course, I try to adapt my voice to your need. I only do male voices and not children’s voices.

** I deliver the audio files to you electronically. It is possible to ask me for an audio editing performance on your video.

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Lorenzo Pancino Academy


Voix-Off vidéos Internet, Publicité application covoiturage, Publicité différents médias, Vidéos corporate, doublage documentaire, motion design


Aisance en voix de reportages, voix journalistiques, voix enjouées ou calmes
Allemand courant avec léger accent facilement supprimable