Angie LaBarthe

Angie LaBarthe

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"Luscious & likeable meets controlled, yet playful confidence."

I have a gift for difficult language. Phrases that might be tricky for others tend to give me few issues. I am extremely good at taking direction. I am very expressive and quick witted.

Here is a direct quote from my latest coach with regards to my abilities:

Commercial comments: Angie has a luscious voice. She's friendly, playful, sultry and likeable in her delivery. She'll be great at any beauty or personal product. She's a helpful Mom, snarky sister, funny wife, etc. Gets inter her character very well. Great at humor and comedic timing.
Voice Description: Controlled Confident Sexy/Sensual Deep/Low range Expressive
Narration comments: Angie has good timing and continuity to excel at narration. She's great at explainers and she has experience with these. But, she's also very effective with entertainment-style reads for biographies, human interest, travel, etc.
Additional comments: Angie has good judgment and instincts on what to do with a script and she's very good at making her character real. Give her some comedy, she can handle it.


I have been a performer all of my life. I spent 10 years in LA, mostly on stage, and attended weekly acting classes with Kerrie Keane. I was a founding member of her theater company, White Buffalo, before moving to the Boise area with my husband and children. I have been training with Such a Voice for the last year. I have been coached by Bill Brooks, Jessica Magers, Justine Reiss, and Ben Marney.


In the last year, I have booked and successfully completed over 50 jobs. I have booked with a wide variety of clients - real estate, corporate training, product explainers, household products, organic food growers, pet insurance, travel/tourism...and more! My work has been on company websites, in trade show announcements, on YouTube, and on internal company channels.


I used to think about going into advertising - I can come up with slogans and tag lines like crazy! I also enjoy writing and editing.