Ana Clements

Ana Clements

Membro à 4 anos •
"British/Spanish bilingual, so ... twice as much to say!"

An Economics major, a career in finance, a trained singer, and now a working VO. Ana grew up in London to Spanish parents and brings her assured, articulate tones and enthusiasm to every project.
Ana Clements always nurtured a secret dream to be an actor, but life got in the way and she found herself at university rather than drama school, studying economics rather than acting. 
After a successful career in finance, she decided to follow her dream; trained as a singer and spent 6 years working in provincial musical theatre.
Ana's dream of becoming a performer is now a reality and she works full time from her home studio as a voice talent in corporate audio and audio books for clients in the US and Europe as well as in the UK.


Ana has undertaken audio training with Nancy Wolfson, Sean Pratt and Yvonne Morley and spent two years studying Sound Engineering, Vocal Production and Critical Listening.
 Her ongoing dedication to professional development means that she regularly attends workshops and conferences in England and the US.


As a corporate voiceover Ana has worked in both languages throughout Europe and as an audio book narrator Ana has worked with Harper Collins in the US and UK, Audible, Avon Publishing, Spoken Realms and ACX. In studio with Ladbroke Audio and iDAudio in London and is a founder member of the ACA (Audiobook Creative Alliance)


Spanish, English and accent work a specialty