Alycia Mason

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"A Voice that never Quits"

My voice is dynamic and flexible, whatever your project require whether it is a character or a professional voice, I am able to deliver. The qualities of my voice range from the a small child to the warmth of mother. I have experience working in Commercials whether is VO or on-camera and will be able to deliver a quality project for your project. If you are working on a piece that requires a creative voice, I can offer a wide range of options from normal to the out of this world.

I have worked for over 10 years in the Learning and Development and I understand the needs of Elearning.

As a professional I record my work using a WhisperRoom isolation booth with acoustic treatment. I have different mics for projects including a rode mic, a usb mic for traveling and my software includes adobe audition and twisted wave.


My training started in Boston over seven years ago working with Boston Casting and CP Casting taking classes in On-Camera and Voice Over. I moved to New York five years ago and worked with Voice Over instructors including Darren Dunstan, Everett Oliver, Paul Lamberti, and coaching with Abacus Entertainment. I have additional had classes at Actors Connection and the Actor's Green Room in NYC for on-camera and Voice over.


My biggest achievements in voice over came in the form of work related to a new animation project coming out this fall called SnakeBallZ. I have more recent animation work for webcomic voiceover for Spiderling, which will be released this past winter. In my past work includes commercials for a local bar, announcements for the U.S Constitution (emergency). I have performed voice over for E-Learning clients from small businesses to large financial institutions (a wholesale bank which has asked not to be named)


I have a Whisper Room, several mics including a rode mic, mxl990. The interface is a focus rite2i2.