Alexander Ananasso

Membro à 3 anos
"Italian/British voice with extensive experience"

Alexander started his career as Voice Artist in 2014 after good training and in a short time he has gathered a really significative work experience. His voice is very versatile and can cover a vast range of products and voiceover type.
He is native bilingual Italian and British and also speaks fluent Spanish. He also works in cinema and stage as actor, and is a coach for actors and businesses.
He excels at TV and Radio commercials and corporate, but also videogames and cartoons.


He trained as an actor at Teatro Azione, a drama school in Rome, with intense work on voice.


He has worked on PlayStation 5 TVC, Lego online commercial, Google radio commercial, Mylan TVC, Peppa Pig and many more.
He was the narrator of Gillette World Sport for 1.5 years.