Aleksander Grabar

Aleksander Grabar

Membro à 5 anos •
"Male professional Russian voice-over"

Hello, dear customers!
My full name is Alexander Grabar. I am 37 years old.

You have no idea how I am immensely happy that you have visited my homepage and especially that you have entrusted me, chosen me as an employee.

I want to describe here some cooperation aspects.

Most importantly, what the work performance begins with - terms of reference. Terms of reference precisely tell a performer what work a customer wants to see. Many believe that it limits the creative essence itself. But I consider the terms of reference as a vector, according to which should be directed the creative efforts. Than more clearly the vector is specified, so more accurate the result of creative work will meet the customer expectations.

Without terms of reference, the work can be done in the way it seems to me.

Another important detail:

- Every order I am considering in terms of qualitative performance. And I do not accept the concept of "cheap - poor quality, expensive - qualitative." No, in general, it is like this – the qualitative work requires more time and technical resources. But I have technical resources and I can not use cheaper technical resources, because of the low cost. And specially make it cheap, because it is paid little. Therefore, if I take the low pay work, so I quite imagine that at any other time I could earn much more by performing a similar work. On the other hand - this determines initially the estimate of task, ie. every work I evaluate what it really costs. If the customer feels that I "overshoot the mark" – I can always reconsider my offer, but not due to the fact that the quality will decrease, but because of the TOR clarification and adjustments of necessary work, or simply because I will meet a customer halfway.

Questions of alterations:

Again, what are the alterations? Corrections? Adjustments? Bringing to mind? - Often customers are afraid to constitute the maximized terms of reference precisely because if something happens, I will open it and see in which way my work corresponds to the assigned task.

My position on this issue is as follows:

• If the customer sets the TOR clearly, confidently, volumetric - so the customer knows what he needs to get.
• If a customer writes the meager vague and ambiguous TOR - it means the customer hopes that I will understand him, invent, telepathically get into his head, in his business, leisure and so on. While many orders I get in English, I do not speak English.
• There is an intermediate option, when the customer really poor understands what he needs and hopes for me. So let write about it in the TOR, saying "I completely trust you. If something is wrong, I am ready to be content with what you get or pay for corrections and additional work".

In concluding this story, touch on the payment issues.

I never stiff customers. I operate as a registered individual entrepreneur – I live with this, I opened, it is my income. And who are customers? Customers in the network - certain substances, clouds, providing work ... As long as customers do not disclose their real names, places of employment, passport data. And meanwhile, without the concrete evidence, in which clouds should I fly in searching payment?! Therefore, I work only over this website and do not disappear. If customers do not want to work through this website, motivating it with blurred arguments, do not go to the contact – so, I simply do not work with such customers.

By the way, this text is written by myself in Russian and translated for you in English by a professional translator, the Russian language native, whom I can bring to the text translation. Regarding to all incoming texts for the translation from any foreign language in Russian, then I can help in this matter. But in the most way, I am a voice actor, speaker, announcer, sound producer and composer.

In general, welcome honest, decent customers. Those, who clearly understand what it is required to do, and those who are ready to trust entirely and completely and pay for any result of my work.

Do not hesitate to contact me and ask questions! I will be happy to communicate with you.


I have a musical education, work experience as an announcer, sound producer and composer - over 17 years.

I were at the forefront of a large advertising agency, located in Russia, in St. Petersburg. I used to be one of its founder and inspirer for a long time.

Now I work as a private entrepreneur and render announcer service for you!


A great experience in creating media content allows to handle lots of tasks, coming to me from customers.

Tasks are different, both creative and organizational. Starting from the work with clients, than organizational and production process and ending with the handing over the finished work - all this is supervised by myself. Sometimes, I do the whole turnkey project independently. But when tasks with many constituents are set, which need to be broken down into stages, when it is necessary to perform almost simultaneously a few types of work and then to combine all of this, so then a few people are working on a project - professionals in their field.

My studio is cooperating with experts, required to carry out projects of various directions and complexity.

• Working with clients. Tasks coming from clients are processed by myself. After the approval of the work scope, deadlines and calculation of required budget, the task is allocated to the production.
• Working with text. The text material creating, its processing is engaged by copywriters, creators, translators and handlers (specialists correcting the text for synchronous sound with video). The creation of scripts, texts for presentations, websites and other sites requires the appropriate distribution.
• Musical production. Production of musical content requires the involvement of authors-composers, arrangers and performers. Thus, depending on the direction, tasks for composers are distributed according to styles, genres and in a certain extent, according to the budget.
• Voice acting. The text voice acting I do by myself. If necessary, the voice acting can be done by any announcers, who are represented on my website or announcers, who are required to do it. I can offer you announcers, contact any necessary announcer on your choice and bring him to work on the project.
• Montage. After all the necessary materials for the project are prepared, montage begins. This step I perform by my own overwhelmingly.

Whatever the type of work I have, as an organizer, I supervise all stages and I am responsible for professional performance and quality results. In general, I try to inspire customers with my work in the reliability of cooperation with me. This is my main mission in the work and I think - the basis for professional growth and development.


Animation, Business, Documentaries, Educational, Internet Video, Movie Trailers, Podcasting, Radio, Telephone, Television, Videogames, etc.

I will provide a strong, warm, personable, dynamic voice over for your project needs. I am happy to provide this within a one-day turnaround, as I realize that most projects move at a quick pace. I have a RODE NTK micrphone, which provides a professional, quality sound. For my DAW, I utilize Pro Tools for audio editing, mixing, and mastering. I will mix my own voice if the client needs those services as well.