Albert Hensley

Albert Hensley

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"Warm and Friendly Guy Next Door!"

Best known as a warm, upbeat and conversational guy-next-door, I can also deliver the excited and upbeat sports announcer, all the way to the warm, smooth, and inviting sexy leading man. I can also provide solid acting chops behind the voices, truly becoming the personality you're looking for. However, not only can I do the serious voices, I have a tremendously wide range of fun and light-hearted character voices as well. From the over-the-top announcer, to the crusty old man, to the silly cartoon side-kick, Blackbeard's parrot, to dead-on impersonations of Jerry Seinfeld and Patrick Warburton, to the jovial fat man, to the silly country yokel. All voices are considered!


A young Albert Hensley was plucked from relative obscurity in the late 1990's at Will Vinton Studios when it was discovered this video editor could do a spot on impersonation of Jerry Seinfeld, leading to his being cast in a pilot under development with the studio. Upon casting him in this pilot, the studio then used him for various voices in other projects in production, including work for ABC, FOX, Disney, and Playstation. Several other independent features were produced, and Albert's voice was used in these as well. Having such a versatile voice made him a valuable asset throughout the world of animation.

After several years working at the studio, Albert's television career took him into the world of professional sports, where his warm voice, high energy, and youthful enthusiasm found a niche in sports promos, event narration, and other sports-related content. Albert lent his skills to voice overs for USA Network, Fox Sports Net, Nike, the Portland Trail Blazers, the Seattle SuperSonics and the Seattle Storm. Not to mention becoming the voice of Altitude Sports and Entertainment in Denver, Colorado.

While employed with these sports organizations, occasionally a team sponsor would ask his services in their locally produced ads. These clients included Domino's Pizza, Party Works, and GI Joe's.

After over 10 years in the industry, Albert Hensley's voice-over career continues to expand, and he is ready for any of your projects!


Portland Trail Blazers (Ryan Flaherty, Creative Director)

“What I like about Albert’s talent is his voice range. He has this keen ability to fit the tone and feel of the project. He is very articulate and has an innate sense to annunciate and highlight the proper points in the copy. In my experience, he has been easy to work with and is able to take direction very well.”

Mediarific! (Jeff Cappleman, CEO/Founder)

“Albert nailed exactly what my client was after on his first read. Not only that-his turnaround time was unbelievably fast! And best of all is Albert’s professional attitude. He’s very open to making changes, retakes, or whatever it takes to make it right.”