Akari Una

Akari Una

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"Powerful and inspirational voice!"

ello! Thanks for checking my profile!

I am a professional Japanese narrator / voice actor with over 15 years of experience based in Japan.
Her voice is dynamic, energetic, conversational yet rich.
She has the skills to bring your message to life!
She has been studying acting for a long time, so she is good at warm and conversational narration.
Voice actors are good at the voices of adult women and boys.

In Japan, he is active in dubbing, narration, and animation.
She has appeared in movies, broadcasts, Lego characters, business videos, online games and more.

Looking forward to working with you!


I am active as a professional voice actor in dubbing and animation in Japan.
I also have experience working in a voice actor office.


Lego characters, Netflix-delivered drama series dubbed appearances, game characters,
Nikkei company e-learning, demonstration, etc.