Adam Dergiman

Adam Dergiman

Membro à 5 anos •
"Warm, smooth, relaxed - like a good cup of coffee."

Adam is a male British voice-over artist, a technology aficionado, and gaming fanatic!

Possessing a warm, smooth and reassuring sounding English voice with a late 20’s to 40’s sounding age range.
Bringing a calm soothing British or Essex accent to your e-learning, commercial, radio or explainer project. Or letting his naturally sounding Rhodesian/South African bring a hint of traveled grit and experience through.


The Voiceover Network - Numerous courses including Character acting with Dave Fennoy, Impromptu acting workshop with Stephan Cornicard, and soon to be completed training with Mary Lynn Wissner and Jeff Howell for corporate and commercial work
Gravy for the Brain - Home studio setup, bronze award in Voice of Summer 2016 - along with ongoing training
The Showreel - Introduction to the studio, character workshop with Yvonne Morley
Louis Elman Associates - ADR training workshop


OpenReach for explainer videos
The BBC for radio spots
Character voices for a Virtual Reality dungeon crawling and exploration game - Goblins
Childrens TV Show as 2 characters (NDA)
Working with startup and Kickstarter projects in a corporate delivery style from CryptoCurrency companies to investment firms and audio descriptions for books pre-purchase.


Currently recording, editing and producing the audio to spec and delivering digitally!
However, with the way media is going - inclusion into jingle production, mixing with music or video is not off the table!