Adam Barr

Membro à 2 anos •
"Hearty - Confident - Sincere"
Adam Barr

"A voice as smooth and smoky as two fingers of Bourbon in a fine crystal glass."

My voice and my reads have that quality known to some as gravitas -- but without being ivory-tower or unapproachable. There's a solidity and substance to how I approach VO. This comes of working in the law and touching many other industries, from medicine and finance to golf television. I have confidence that invites and an ear that remembers.


For narration and eLearning, I've work with Johnny Heller and Tom Dheere, respectively. Both are leaders in their fields. I have had professional singing training, so I understand the physiology of the voice and what makes it work the way it does. I have a long list of theatrical credits, musical and legit.


I'm on my 17th audiobook right now...and that's in less than a year.


I'm an accomplished baritone singer and actor. I speak passable French, bits of German and Italian, and can learn languages and pronunciation quickly. I'm a gifted mimic.