A smooth, appealing and believable voice with great range and diversity. Custom music beds, Audio / Video synching, script writing, consultation services are also available.


Voiceover talent since 2003. I started the game during my time in College majoring in Radio Television and Film. While there, a professor told me I had a good voice, and I should look into doing radio and/or VO. Well I tried radio, and it paid about as much as a Wal Mart Greeter. So I left radio, and decided to enter the world of voiceover. Best god damn decision I've ever made. It has really helped me to open up, and hone my abilities as an actor, as a personality, a producer, and most importantly, as a voice.

 Esperienze professionali

Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale
Espresso Services Incorporated
Spectra Clear
Denton Arts & Jazz Festival
Sirius/XM Radio
Linicomn Talent Agency
Capture the Market Productions


Various accents, musician, composer, producer, imitations, script writing and proofing, music bed production.