Toni Maalouf

Toni Maalouf

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"A voice you believe"

Clean and clear baritone bass voice, that is powerful, velvety, soft, trustworthy, corporate, energetic, and dynamic (depending on job)
With over 20 years of recording voice-overs, acting, and dubbing, for demanding clients, I have acquired the experience to understand the job quickly and deliver exactly what is required.
I am experienced in post-production, which adds value to the quality of recordings I deliver, making your life easier.
I can play many characters after having dubbed lead roles for Disney, Dreamworks, and BBC to name a few. (Po in Kung Fu Panda, Alex in Madagascar, The Mask TV series, Narrator in Teletubbies are just a few of the characters I dubbed in Arabic)
With an excellent English pronunciation, all the foreign brand names within the Arabic texts will remain intact for a change!
I also deliver clean English voiceovers in addition to over the top performances, or with subtle British, Italian, or French accents


I am a professional actor with a BA in acting and directing
Currently completing a master's degree in Media Studies (Advertising)
I worked in dubbing and voice-over recording for over 20 years


On the voice level, I've had many achievements, my biggest would be:

- Getting hired by Disney for a dubbing role in a Disney feature film in Egypt and flying over to perform it (without casting for it!)
This occurred after several achievements in different projects

- Dubbing company received an email from Paramount stating that my Arabic performance of the leading role in Kung Fu Panda (part 1) was one of the best around the world

Worked for: Discovery, BBC, Paramount, Disney, DreamWorks, MTV Lebanon, Greenpeace, UNDP, Turkish Airline, Galaxy... to name a few.


Had professional singing training
Skilled in post-production
Professional Actor and Director