Tom Test

Tom Test

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"Trustworthy, warm, authoritative, native North American accent"

I've been one of the top male voice-over talents in the Midwest US since 1989. I started my private studio Voices On in 2003 and have since voiced hundreds of projects, from web-based Flash animation to national TV spots to Corporate Video narrations for clients such as Shell Oil, United Airlines, Samsung, GE, Bayer, and many others.

I'm able to communicate with a strong point-of-view, real emotion and understanding of the material I read, so that the listener understands the message you are trying to convey. I work quickly and am completely reliable. I have enough duplication in every area of my signal chain that I always come through, on time and within budget.


I've studied with Ms. Marice Tobias, and LA-based VO coach regarded as perhaps the best in the United States. I'm a graduate of the Player's Workshop Improv Training and have also completed classes at Second City.


My clients in 2015 alone included: Shell Oil, Samsung, Bayer, GE, Bank of America, Accenture, United Airlines, Eli Lilly, and many more.

I've voiced numerous award-winning TV spots in my career, and I've also been a much-in-demand voice-over coach and demo producer. I have several regular clients from Germany who would be happy to provide a reference upon request. Here are some quotes from my clients:

"This is fantastic. Can't thank you enough, you do excellent work. I am immensely grateful for your graciousness. Your contribution has definitely made this a better production."
- Nick Kalbach, Compathos

"Thanks again for a good session; I think the spot is great. … you and Ben nailed it in the short time we allowed you. Thank you, thank you!"
-Sue Broski, Creative Media Consultants

“Great working with you, too. I think your voice has a "real" and natural quality about it.”
Tom Krol, TK Audio

“I'm grateful for the rapid turnaround -- as always, it was a pleasure working with you!”
- Oliver Hallbauer, Sii Germany

“You are now officially my hero.”
- Mark Dolnick

It was such a pleasure meeting you. And working with such a professional. Not having to give you a single note was a big help - especially since we had challenges elsewhere. :-) BTW, the commercial is pulling EXTREMELY well!
- Matt Callaway (FineLight Video) Texan Health TV spot

"I think the VO is PERFECT. ..They Loved the read. … It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Thank you so much for the wonderful work, and I look forward to working with you again soon!"
-John Orfano 256 Productions

“These are great Tom! We definitely got what we need. Nice work!” – Mindy Hilt

"Just want to let you know that Mark F., Marty P., Tom T., and Freeman C. NAILED it for me. All did a great job. Since we shot from 3 different angles, continuity was an issue. I asked them to try to replicate their hand gestures in each take, and they were FANTASIC. Please tell them I appreciate their effort, and that I have them on my short list. If any producer asks me for recommendations, I will pass on their names."
-Klaus Henke

“I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Tom for any project either voice-over or on-camera. Tom will give you a quick turn-around on an exceptional and quality audition every time. If hired on a project he will prepared, enthusiastic, and attuned to the need to keep things moving along.

Tom is the quintessential “Everyman”. He has that mid-west warmth and charm that conveys sincerity and trustworthiness in any product. The fact that he is as good as an on-camera talent and a VO talent will show is every read. There’s depth and understanding to all of his words.

Tom is the talent that you want to clone. A delight to work with every and any time!” - Maureen Troy, booking agent, Lori Lins Limited

“Tom is one of the finest VO talents I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Always prepared and a genuine class act.” - Michael Wollner, VO Talent

“Tom is the consummate voice-over professional, able to take direction very well, pinpointing exactly what the client is looking for in a read. I look forward to working with Tom because I know he's done his homework, brings great creativity and versatility to the table, and works with me to bring the script to life. He's also a super voice-over producer and director.” - Pam Turlow, VO Talent

“Since I've been at my company, we've hired Tom numerous times to do voice-over work. He always does a superb job. We know when we hire Tom, we are going to get a great read with a very fast turn around. To top it off, Tom is extremely personable. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Tom!”
-Elisa Sweet, TMK Productions


My equipment includes: Gefell M930, Sennheiser 416, modded Rode NTK with Amperex 1961 NOS tube ; SafeSound Audio Tracking Toolbox; custom-built isolation booth

My Skype ID is fearlessraccoon. I also use Source Connect and ipDTL as alternatives to ISDN.