Tall Paul Fredricks

Tall Paul Fredricks

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"Velvety, masculine, edgy, loving...But WAIT! There's More?"

YES! Tall Paul can be that guy! Back woods hick, network news announcer, high fashion designer, best friend (dude), father next door, extreme cage fighter, movie trailer guy, political mud slinger, computer nerd, lazy husband, infomercial host, corporate narrator, draaaammmmmaaaa, halloween ghoul (drool), biker dude.... (he does a mean Sam Elliott impersonation)

A voiceover talent, who is passionate about voiceovers, voice services, on hold messages, voiceover jobs, voicemail, voice acting, voice-overs, voice-over and everything voice over related.

Tall Paul is very directable. His niche is energetic, smiley, call to action kind-a-stuff. But he won't shy away from the "wrap your arms around, give a big hug and say I love you" characters either. Like I said, sure, Tall Paul can be that guy.


Started when a child doing animation voices.
Studied music and theatre.
Creative/Production Director for many media outlets during a long broadcasting career.
BS/Advertising and Public Relations


National Marine Manufacturers Association
Video Only
Bostons - Gormet Burgers and Pizza
eDiets DRTV
Liquid wrench
SouVide Supreme National DRTV infomercial
Total Gym
Darex - Work Sharp DRTV Infomercial
Taco Del Mar
Actelion Pharmacueticals Web Tutorial
Canada Gold Web Video
Pro Sleep DRTV Infomercial
Trophy Hunters TV
Muzzy Broadheads (Outdoor Channel)
Pan American Lithium Corp. Web Video
Juvenon Healthy Aging Supplement DRTV Infomercial
Papa Murphy's Pizza
Trimaxin DRTV Infomercial
Relevant Radio Network voice
and many more.


*Available for Post Production needs. Provide the work tracks and I can produce the final mix, making it all sparkly and shiny.
*Copy writing assistance.
*Oh, and did I say I can give you a pretty good Sam Elliot impersonation, too?