Sini Voiceover

Sini Voiceover

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"Versatile studio professional with broad range."

A versatile professional VO with 20 years studio experience.
Dynamic energetic hard-sell, to warm and smooth... Urban & contemporary for cool lifestyle brands and imaging, or conversational for documentary narration & eLearning.

With a global client base from US to UK, Europe to Australasia & Asia, Sini can be heard in-flight or in e-Learning modules, voicing for game campaigns and mobile providers, to Mediterranean dance stations.
Voicing in NZ/Kiwi, neutral British, & character accents from London studios or home.


Sini began presenting in the early 90's in the creative environment of alternative/indie radio in Auckland, New Zealand, recording station imaging, promos and a variety of ads for cool lifestyle retail, music, concerts & clothing; feature pieces, and many live presentations over music festivals.

She produced & presented drive and chart shows, & the 'RocknRoll Wire', a magazine interview show, with swing shifts for other specialist shows (Soul, Metal, NZ-Music).

Moving to commercial radio she continued presenting/producing within several network formats (new releases, rock), & recorded a myriad of ads within in-house production shifts; and also syndicated features such as daily horoscopes, which were ever so cheesy but a must-listen in homes & offices across the country.
She recorded for a broad range of commercial clients - music companies, retail/food chains, finance, etc, in both character and straight styles.

Sini is very enthusiastic about music and has also worked in event production and music promotion.


Previous clients:
King[dot]com, Candy Crush Saga campaigns
Sky Travel Channel, promos/continuity
Cambridge University IELTS
Cambridge University Press
Sassy Films
Music Radio Creative, UK
Multibrands International Ltd (EU)


Sini enjoys yoga & pilates, cycling, swimming, live music, hiking, travel & learning about different cultures.

She lives in London, England, & will turn your audio around within an agreed timeframe, simple jobs usually within 24-48 hours - recording from home or London studios.

She likes to drink lots of tea.