Seann Shaffer

Seann Shaffer

Membro dal 1 decade
"Fast, Fresh,Versatile, and very Tasty"

“A cool, conversational, mature, yet animated Voice Talent, what more could you ask for"
Andy Ross

Program Director
96.9 JACK FM
Vancouver, B.C.

“From his sultry, gravel tones to his friendly smile and his retro hip delivery, Seann is able to offer a wide variety of tones and a ton of personality.  Working with Seann is a dream.  He knows what to do with that voice of his….and it shows”

Debbie Munro
Chanti Productions
Vancouver, B.C
Seann kicks ass!    An absolute pro!  Scoop him before your competition does! 
Janine Lindboe


Vancouver Theater Sports~Improv Training

Debbie Munro~Master Vo training for Commercials, Promos, Narrative, and Imaging

Pat Fraley~Character, Animation

Michael Dobson~Commercial, Animation

Columbia Academy~ Audio production,Voice Training


Soldier of Fortune 3 Video Game
London Drugs
The Media Burnout