Roman Bari

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"Trusted, Authentic, Reliable, and Fun"
Roman Bari

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Professional Studio with Broadcast Quality Audio.

Narration, voiceovers, and audio production are Roman's areas of expertise. He is as comfortable in front of a microphone as he is on stage or conferring with executives in a boardroom.

Having grown up in the creative environment of recording studios and commercial production, performance and creativity is in his blood (He recorded his first voiceover for Lego Toys when he was four years old). As an accomplished musician, Roman has performed for audiences of thousands, giving him an in-depth feel for timing, cadence, and tone.

Roman’s comprehensive knowledge of the creative and production process is the result of his strong background in acting, music, sound production, and years of experience as an executive in a national firm.

He firmly believes in incorporating advertising and marketing research into every project, whether recording a voiceover or narration, or being involved in the entire creative process and production. Roman fully understands the importance of demographic, psychographic, and sociographic profiles as well as meticulously constructed creative strategies to effectively communicate with well-defined target audiences.

Roman also firmly believes that every successful production requires unwavering respect for budgets, deadlines, and project/marketing objectives. And most importantly, he understands that nobody knows more about a business or product being promoted than the owner. Client input is an absolute necessity to achieve desired results.

Engaging Roman ensures that your projects will be handled with enthusiasm, integrity, experience, knowledge, and passion.

CLIENTS INCLUDE IBM, HBO, US and Canadian Governments, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Council on Foreign Affairs, American Museum of Natural History, Info Junkie TV, Want to Sell Now, YVR, Capitol Corridor

Engaging Roman as a voice actor allows you the choice of a variety of original characters with distinct personalities and vocal textures to bring your project to life.
Roman's wide range of voices includes young adult, middle-age, and senior characters. His selection of authentic, conversational and relatable, serious and authoritative narrators, to silly, playful, youth-oriented characters give every production the right voice to best interpret your creative efforts.

Roman is committed to achieving the desired goals and results of each project as intended by creative direction and rationale.


When you engage Roman's services, your satisfaction is his first priority. Roman ensures that the project is of top quality, meets creative direction, and the process is seamless, on time, and on budget. With a background in acting, music, production, and years as an executive of a National firm, not only does Roman understand the creative and production process, Roman also understands, timelines, budgets, and most of importantly; the integrity of a client/provider relationship. When you engage Roman, you are engaging someone you can trust and rely on.

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Over twenty-five years of performance and production experience
Performance Arts training
Commercial workshops
Acting Training
Continued voice coaching with industry renowned coaches.


Roman has worked with a range of clients as both a voice-over talent and a producer.
including HBO, IBM, Intuitive Pictures, Council of Foreign Relations, University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States and Canadian Government, The American Museum of Natural History, YVR, Capitol Corridor, Memory Tree, Subway


Roman offers, composition, editing, post correction, sfx, and full service production. As the owner of VAS studios,
Roman provides pristine voice-overs, recordings, and mixes with a fully outfitted professional studio with an acoustically treated room, custom designed cloud, and industry standard equipment and software suites.
For a complete equipment list or specific request, please feel free to contact me.