Robert Rhodes

Robert Rhodes

Membro dal 1 decade
"Urban - Hip Hop - Announcer - Promo"

Upbeat Energetic, Real Person, African American, Urban, Hip Hop, Announcer, Rough and Edgy, Conversational, High Energy,


Voice Coach : Bettye Zoller
Dallas, TX, United States

Voice Coach - David Alden
Beverly Hills, United States


Corey Dissin
VP/General Manager at Propulsion Media Labs

Lewis Gibbs
President of WADL TV Detroit and "The Word Network" on Directv


Skilled in all aspects of sound production
Professional Voice Overs and Imaging for:
* Mix tapes
* Radio Stations
* Record Releases
* Concert Tours
* Parties and Events
* Website Promos
* DJ Drops and Intros
* Internet Radio Stations
* Video Shows and more!