Robbie Shelburn

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"Conversational to upbeat, a unique voice with versatile range"
Robbie Shelburn

Professional voice talent Robbie Shelburn has always loved to talk. Surprising many with her versatility in range, she can voice characters from a 10-year-old boy all the way to a legitimate senior citizen. Her normal speaking voice is naturally energetic, warm, welcoming, and bright. While she can be upbeat, fun, emotional, comforting, perky, dynamic, and enthusiastic, she can also be conversational, serious, thoughtful, confident, or authentic.
Her pitch is in the medium to lower range normally, although she can mimic or voice match certain voices.
From narration to characters, eLearning to animation, she’s the one who will get the job done for you.


•Freihofer Casting – Intro to Voiceover
•Francis Tuttle – Advanced Voiceover with Jeff Nokes, VA
•Private Commercial Coaching with Jeff Nokes, VA
•Private Singing Lessons with Denise Hughes, Owner/Talent Bella Voce Studios
•Private Animation Coaching with Sunday Muse, owner/talent Great Big Voices
•Home Studio Consultations - Professional guidance and set up for studio with Dan Lenard
•Audio Editing – Adobe Audition training with Kevin Lipsett
•Voiceover Industry Training – Marc Cashman, Mike Hathcote, Natasha Marchewka, Jim Alburger
•Private coaching with Marc Scott
•Private ELearning Coaching with Tom Dheere, owner VO Strategist
•Improv Classes – Level 1, 2, and 3 - OKCImprov
•Gravy For the Brain – ongoing training and education

•Attended Mid-Atlantic Voiceover November 2018, (MAVO2018) - Washington, D.C.
•Attended V.O. North – September 2019, Toronto
•Attended: Mid-Atlantic Voiceover November 2020 (MAVO2020) – Washington, D.C.


I have been cast in an animation game produced by Tideshell Studios called "Noon's Journey". I play several parts: Grandma Muna, Sibyl - Noon's 7-year-old sister, and Yumi - Noon's 16-year-old friend. I also voice 2 secondary characters as well. The project is currently in production.

I have been cast as Monica Barter, the mother of one of the main characters in an animation series, "Wild Card - The Show", an indie murder mystery TV show currently in pre-production.

I have voiced several e-Learning projects right here on Bodalgo as well.


I have video editing skills to accompany audio editing. I worked as a self-employed wedding videographer for 8 years, so understanding a client's vision, being prepared, and taking pride in producing a quality product are critically important to me.

I worked in Human Resources for 23 years, in the medical industry for over 35 years. I have professional-level understanding of industry-related topics for hospitals and clinics, most medical terminology, HR training and education, benefits, and administrative functions.

My goal is to provide the best voice possible to tell your story for your audience. I am passionate about understanding the needs of my clients and delivering my work professionally and quickly.