Rafael Eniola

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"The Best Quality and Affordable Voice-Over"

Hello there! Kumusta! I’m a voice-over artist. Since the pandemic began (2020), I’ve been able to transform my home into a recording studio. Due to quarantine regulations, I must work from home. I’m in the Philippines, and I typically have high availability in voice recording because my recording studio is right at home. I can send audio within 12-48 hours of receiving your purchase. Aside from English voice-overs, I excel in Tagalog, my native language, and Cebuano, my local dialect.


Aside from learning the skill with personal intrinsic passion, I had undergone special voice-over coaching and professional audio post-production processing with SMNI last 2016.


Yes, I am a voice actor with seven years of experience. After graduating from college, I began working as a radio and television news reporter. In addition, I became a program host at the institution where I taught. Since the pandemic began, I have been accepting voice-over assignments as a freelancer that allow me to make the most of my time at home productive.


I am actively involved in the audio post-production process of my work.