Peter Tarantino

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"You're upbeat, quirky and confidently engaging friend next door."

My voice is deeply trained in a performance background so when it comes to engaging with, relating to, or hooking in an audience, I feel right at home.

Besides, using my voice for commercial, advertising, and web-based usage, my specialty niche, and my favorite sub-category is the field of guided meditations and positive affirmations. I am an avid meditator and practitioner, so taking one of my biggest passions in life and utilizing my skills as a voice over artist to help aid others is a dream.

My biggest mission is to use my voice to relate a message of deep connection and love to whatever I embody, not to just sell a product.


I have trained classically and in contemporary musical theatre with Ronald F. Land where I earned my BFA, from Five Towns College in the Performing Arts.

I have also trained with the great Paul Liberti at Actors Connection in Manhattan.

I have experience with heightened speech as well where I first earned my AA, from Suffolk Community College where I played lead roles and took specialty classes dedicated to Shakespeare.


My experience thus far in voice over has been on freelance-based sites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

My biggest job success was finishing a very large job writing content and voicing multiple scripts for a meditation-based wellness company.


I record, mix and master all of my work unless requested to do otherwise.

I have a sound-treated room where I work remotely.

I also have experience mixing and mastering voice reels with music/sound effects.

My specialty niche in voice over is in the field of meditation.