Nuno Vox

Nuno Vox

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"Nuno V.O.x"

I am a determined person and I think that something new will always exist her to learn.
Person in charge, I try to follow the directions of the most experienced and to carry out terms.
I like the constructive criticism and of the sincere praise, which they give consistency to the personal effort in progressing professionally.
In spite of the limitations because of dominating only the native language, I want to be a professional and citizen of the world.


SENAC - Course of radio announcer with specialization in phrase
Pedro Barreto, I attend for journalists, announcers and presenters
Marcio Seixas (dublador of the Batman and Disney in Brazil), specialization in publicity phrase (Voice Over).


Announcer in professional continuous activity there are more than 25 years.

Topics that summarize, in part, this period:

Official voice of the channel Paramount channel Brazil (2014-2016).

Announcer of the radio 105 (current) Fm/SP.

Announcer / narrator of the Poplar cinematographic productions.

Announcer of the radio Metropolitana/SP.

Publicity announcer (Voice Over).


Unfortunately, no.