Noelle Fabian Dragon

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"Natural, Charismatic, and Clear Non-Regional American Accent"
Noelle Fabian Dragon

As a VO talent with extensive training and recording experience in music, I have a knack for pacing and cadences combined an obsession for perfection. In short, I take my work seriously.

I most often work out of my professional home-studio doing commercial/promotional work. I like natural-sounding reads that connect with people and get a lot of joy bringing to life "the voice" that my client imagined for their product.

I also enjoy comedy reads, narration (Audio books) and animation work.


Private study with Bill Farmer (voice of Goofy)
VO/mic training at The Radio Ranch (LA)
Improv at The Second City (LA)


8+ years experience in VO with 20+experience in music.
National commercials (for TV, Web and Radio).
Dubbing/ADR for international film
Animation work.

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When not doing VO work, I perform as singer and woodwind specialist (saxophone, flute, clarinet) for live performances (Disney) and session work in Los Angeles. I have a full recording studio in my home and can provide fully edited projects and original music.

I can also write jingles and can source composers/session players for more elaborate musical needs.