Nicholas Contreras

Speaker Nicholas Contreras

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"The Global Voice From Nowhere"

The Global Voice From Nowhere, Nicholas Contreras is a Filipino Voiceover Artist who loves telling stories, pushing boundaries and making people laugh. He is warm, energetic, personable and on many an occasion...offbeat!

The catalyst for Nicholas’ voiceover journey began in 2018, when he put himself forward to play a soldier in Disney’s Live Action Film, Mulan (2020). From there, his interest in acting grew, and he started taking acting classes. He then took a voice acting course taught by Toby Ricketts to expand his horizons. Nicholas now works on voiceover projects from his home studio and takes workshops to continue honing his craft.

Nicholas has a global accent that you can’t quite place: A Global Voice From Nowhere. It is a blend between a Kiwi accent and Standard U.S. American accent.

He can also utilize a Standard U.S. American accent.

Nicholas has the versatility to voice in a number of different styles, takes direction well, and especially enjoys character acting.


- The New Zealand Voice Academy Course (Tutors: Toby Ricketts, Andi Spargo, John Sweetman, Sarah McLeod, Bronnie Howells)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Creating an Audition that Pops (Tutor: Sara Jane Sherman)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Thrive in VO! How to Win the Audition (Tutor: Elley Ray Hennessy)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Fear of Improv - 12 Steps (Tutor: Scott Parkin)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Narrating from the Inside, Out (Tutor: Dian Perry)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Video Game Auditions - How to Knock it out of the Park (Tutor: Randall Ryan)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Amazing Radio Commercial Reads that book more work (Tutor: Rich O'Donoghue)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Discover The Animation Character Voices Within You (Tutor: Lori Alan)

- Actor’s Voice - Voice Classes (Tutor: Sylvia Rands)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Video Games to Anime to Film Sets - How to Deliver the Best Audition (Tutor: Jason Douglas)

- The VoiceOver Network Workshop - Voices With Character! for TV, Games & Movies (Tutor: Marc Silk)



- Envision; Characters: Sam and Sam's Rival

Explainer Video:

- SCMP; Voiceover; How will China’s Belt and Road Initiative change business opportunities around the world?

- SCMP; Voiceover; Why entrepreneurs study Chinese business practices to boost their companies

Video Game:

- Clunky Hero by Chaosmonger Studio; Characters: Donpiero, Skinny Troll and Fat Bat

- Jazz and Azul; Characters: Azul Johnson and Shopkeeper #2


- Lightfin Case Files; Case 156 - The Case of the Ghost Net; Character: Old Carl


Singing. Nicholas was part of an A Capella group, as well as the Glee Club when he was in university. He has a baritone voice.