Nando Freitas

Nando Freitas

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"Voice with charisma and emotion"

I am a young voiceover, I like to interpret scripts that convey a special feeling, to use a whispered voice as if it is spoken by the ear, the one with which I identify most.


I started with the voiceover on the radio.
I've been acting as a voiceover for 10 years in my own studio, I have been perfecting my skills with professional courses offered in Brazil, taught by great voice actors and voiceovers.
Through my voice, I try to bring the public a clear and objective message, respecting the script, for what purpose and which audience I will reach.


With my talent voice've done takes in various styles for platforms and media such as TV, radio, Internet and other opportunities.
Voiceovers for corporate videos, e-learning and signatures for Advertising campaigns.
It is vast amount of work done, I bring in my letter clients such as Coca-Cola, John Deere,
Rivestop, HP, Norton, Corel draw, Stam, Justi, Mapfre, among others.


I have a good knowledge of audio editing and finishing.