Nancy German

Nancy German

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"Versatile, smooth, sincere, warm, friendly, sexy, trusted,bright"

I have a low range, easy to listen to voice which can be soothing, sexy, sincere and is very versatile. I can range from sexy soccer mom to senior citizen with an attitude and many things in between. I am often hired for e-learning and commercial work because I am believable and friendly in my sound but have also worked in almost all other genres.


Pat Fraley Workshops
Teleprompter Training
NBC Casting Workshop
Nancy Wolfson coaching
Marc Cashman Coaching
Improv acting classes
Audio book training through Services for the Blind
Scott Parkin-Improv
Kiff Vanderheuval-Improv
MaryLynn Wissner-Commercial Reads
Everett Oliver- Video game characters


I have an impressive client list over the past fourteen years which includes:
Microsoft, Sony, Aveeno, HydroOcean, Vistaprint, Nestle, Bearing Point, HR Proactive, J.C. Penney, International Truck, Intermec, Ultra Spa, Dove, Axe, Silkies Enriche, Colony Mortgage, Beltone, Filoli Foundation, Bell Telephone, MarFi Investment E-Learning, Healthcare Academy, Lithgow Library, TriWest, Professional Prospecting, Jon Gabriel and many more. My work ethic is strong and I often succeed in exceeding the expectations of my clients.
Thank you for your consideration.

John McCann-AudioEast Productions
Craig Aldrich-Intermec Corporation
Andrew Collar- New Spirit Media Producer
Derek Shetterly-Wooly Bugger Productions


I am trained as an educator and a clinical social worker so I am great for technical scripts with medical and/or psychiatric terms. I am also a singer.