Miriam Estevam

Miriam Estevam

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"An experienced professional voice always looking to do my best."

Voice over is something I truly love doing, so I always do my best every time. I love creating long term collaborations and I am proud to say that I have clients I have been working for over 10 years.


I never had formal training. I was called to cover for a friend 11 years ago, the director liked my voice and started me calling for more jobs. I am lucky I am always in working with other great talents and directors who guided me along the way. Today I am the one teaching in workshops here in Los Angeles.


Among our clients I have been providing for Apple, Motorola, Google, HP, Amazon, Alcon, Pepsico, Sony TV, Rockstar Games, GE, GM, Microsoft, Caterpillar, Harley Davidson, Dow Chemicals, Alcon, Bank of America, Adidas, Nivea, SDL, TransPerfect, WHP and many more.
I also record dubbing for BBC Brasil, Discovery Channel, NatGeo, HBO and Pixar.


I can do translation and supervision as well. As I have a full studio, post production mixing final products is something I can do as well.