Mahmoud Taji

Mahmoud Taji

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"Fluent Bilingual Voiceovers in a smooth confident baritone"

I was raised in a Middle Eastern Arab household, I speak fluent Classical and Modern Standard Arabic as well as colloquial Palestinian and Egyptian. I am citizen of Canada and currently live in Sydney, Australia My English accent is distinctly north american.


I started out doing dubbing work for Disney on Winnie the Pooh series, Ducktales, Darkwing Duck and The Little Mermaid (dubbing to Arabic). I also worked briefly at they Disney Channel headquarters in Singapore as a Narrator / Producer. Following my immigration to Canada I established my own voiceover business and have been recording since 1996.


I've worked on several full animated series for Disney as well as a number of their animated movies. I have also done documentaries on Islam, wild life and a number of eLearning modules and countless explainer videos and Interactive Voice Recordings.


I am able to review other Voice actor recordings and in some cases help rewrite copy if the translation is incorrect.