Lance's voice is friendly, smart, engaging, reassuring, and confident. He has a mid-Atlantic neutral accent voice well suited for international English corporate videos, imagefilms, e-learning, and documentaries. Having lived in the US, Canada, and Europe, Lance can perform a wide range of voices and accents and has done voice acting for many video games. He is also experienced in dubbing, STC, and UN Style narration and working with translated texts. He currently works with a range of clients from around the globe.


Lance has extensive credits as professional voice over engineer, and learned much of his craft from working with professionals at Boston's Cramer Productions, where he recorded voice overs for national television documentaries and advertisements as well as for major United States and International corporate media.

 Esperienze professionali

“Lance is an excellent voice talent who provides highly professional recordings.” - Claire Dodin, French Voice Over Talent

“His voice is versatile, honest and he delivers consistently.” - Michael Henry, Point Productions

“Great range and knows instinctively just how to approach scripts on a wide range of subject matter.” - Alan Masow, Senior Producer, Cramer Productions

International commercial, corporate, and e-learning work for:
Kuwait Airways
Tele Atlas
Newmarket International
SpaceWorks Engineering

Lance is also the voice of internal communications for the American Cancer Society.


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ipDTL to ISDN bridging 24/7 On Demand
Steinberg UR22 Interface
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Adobe Audition and Cubase
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Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones
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