Kerry Woodrow

Kerry Woodrow

Membro dal 1 decade
"Believable, Nostalgic, Guy-Next-Door, Quirky, Authoritative"

A comforting quirky voice like suede: leatherly and nostalgic yet smooth and subtle which will carry your message into the hearts and minds of your customers.
A Fatherly man's man quality that makes your message instantly familiar yet with a comfortable quirk which will underscore your message without overpowering it.


BA in Theatre/Drama combined with Literature

Radio host FM 105.7

Regular private VO training with Deb Munro and Mic 'n' Me & Chanti Productions

"Selecting Styles Workshop: Deb Munro"

"Talking Audio Workshop: Deb Munro"

"Audition Acrobatics": Deb Munro

"The Voice Pitch": Deb Munro

"Acting on Camera - Beginner"
(The audition, dialoge, acting with others): LA Director TOM LOGAN

"Acting on Camera - Advanced"
(TV series and commercials, 5 person scenes, camera cues, camera turns ect): TOM LOGAN

Audiobook production and delivery : Regualar sessions with Vannessa Hart

International Audiobook Invitational: Hosted by Pat Fraley


Regular VO for Department of National Defense including:

CBRN protection
Mask swap for C-4 resperator to Dräggor SCBA
Various First Aid videos