Kate Rock

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"Professional VO with home studio - voice types below"
Kate Rock

I can deliver a range of ages and for tone: Sophisticated, Warm, Announcer, Authoritative, Bubbly, Charismatic, Empathic, Energetic, Friendly, Happy, Husky, Informed, Luxurious / Smooth, Reassuring, Rich, Sexy, Soft / Gentle.
With my home studio, I can deliver swiftly with edits on request to ensure you, as my client, leave as happy as possible!


I first started doing voiceovers whilst I worked at Universal Music Group as Director of International. I would often be called by the in-house studio in need of a VO for an urgent TV or radio spot. I had a stint with an agent but with the growth of online platforms such as these, found I can deal just as easily and effectively with clients direct. Also, having come from a background in marketing, I have been in the client's seat many times, so know the importance of delivering on point and with maximum ease to ensure the best results for the task in hand.


Universal Music Group, Decca Records, FCB Horizon, L'Oreal, various start ups.


With my home studio, I am perfectly equipped to deliver voiceovers quickly and effectively to make my clients' tasks that much easier.