Kara Noble

Kara Noble

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"Quality British Voice based in LA. Classy, sexy, clear."


All London accents. Sophisticated, bright, versatile, warm, sexy, friendly.

Raised on Abbey Rd but now I am LA based and work from my home studio in Marina Del Rey with a cat at my feet and boats as my vista.

I have had voicing experience in every possible field during my career which has spanned 25 years plus.


From an award-winning morning radio host to full time voice artist my career has included TV and radio, both commercials and interviews, podcasts, web tutorials, in-house presentations, books and poems...worldwide phone directories - even a GPS. I am helpful with script editing, if needed. My rates are reasonable and I am happy to fit within any budget.

Please let me audition for you!

I have been helpful to clients needing script editing.

I work with a male American partner for some jobs.

I have a vacation rentals company called Noble Apartments - which means I sometimes travel to Costa Rica, France and more frequently, London.

I have connections and friends with voice over studios all over the world.

I travel with my computer recording set-up in order to do voice over jobs and voiceover work anywhere!

I am a truely international voice talent.

I enjoy yoga, spas, cars, restaurants, Modern Family, Red Vines and beaches.


Capital Radio London 87 -95
Heart 106.2 London 95 -99

Hundreds of TV and radio ads during this time - including McDonalds, Pillsbury, Mattel, McDonalds, British Airways, Ponds, Kelloggs and literally hundreds of others.

Radio advertizing, radio promos, morning show skits and songs (which I often also wrote) Live hosting, commercials, TV documentaries, telephone free lines...I hosted,live, Miss World in the Seychelles. I've been very lucky and have had a chance at everything a voice actor would dream of! As well as the "high flying" work - I am also happy to voice telephony and internet sales. i particularly like poems and children's stories.

I can be found on numerous adrvertizing and technical sites on YouTube and on the web.


My career began with stage shows (I was in a UK production of HaiR!).

I then recorded a few pop songs and did a little acting on TV.

I ran a fantastically successful and fun Singing Telegram Company, Songbird for 5 years in the 80s.

It somehow led to my radio work....12 years of entertaining London listeners on the most famous Breakfast Show in London history.

We often traveled with the show broadcasting from Spain, France, Sydney, Tasmania, Tenerife and Los Angeles.

This led to TV work, radio and TV ads, either in voice or in person and live hosting of televised events.

I have had experience in every field.

I work at home and also out of 3 studios here in LA.

I live in Marina Del Rey.

I am an American now!