Jennifer Butts

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"An Eartha Kitt with an fun edge"

My voice can go in the lower range. I can do little boy voices and video game villainesses. Whether it be commercials, animation, podcasts, or anywhere in the voiceover world, I have fun.


I come from a theater background having studied at The Duke Ellington School of the Arts as a teenager and Emerson College. I’ve trained with numerous acting and improv studios in Los Angeles from ACME, Groundlings and Hothouse for Improv. To Lesly Kahn, John Kirby and Michelle Dannet for acting to name a few. In voiceover I’ve trained for over two years with RealVoiceLA as well as Voiceone out of San Francisco to name a few.


I done on camera numerous films, commercials, TV episodics and stage productions. In voiceover in recently booked a commercial in June.


I grew up all over the world but my families out of Washington DC. I speak proficient French (lived in Lyon and Paris as a child) and Spanish. Better French when engaged in a slow conversation. Accents are southern, French, and some Eastern European. I can do raspy and energetic little boy voices. And lower eartha kitt type voices. I get sent out for a voila Davis type voice a lot. But I can vary.