Isaiah Young

Isaiah Young

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"Deep Smooth Bassy voice"

I have a smooth bass voice. That can sound anywhere from urban to a proper English gentleman. I can sound like a kid to a senior.


Next Actor Studio - Acting
Such a Voice (Coached by Nancy Wilson) -Narration and Commercials
Star Man studios (coached by ADRs Kyle Philips, Jerry Jewel, and John Swazey) - Animation
Ned Lott- Animation


Audio Books
- Urban Apologetics: Restoring Black Dignity with the Gospel
- Incremental Courage
- Courage Under Fire
- Anthology of Bizarro: Volume 1
- Ghosts, Spirits and Specters: Volume 1
- The Toilet Zone
- The Toilet Zone Number 2
- He Got Me: Series
- She Got Me: The Perfect Ending
- Christmas Heat
- With My Heart (Guarding My Heart Book 2)
-Tristan Strong Punches a hole in the sky (Learning Ally)
-We are the Ship The story of Negro League Baseball (Learning Ally)
-The season of Styx Malone (Learning Ally)
-Sunny (Learning Ally)
-Nine worlds (Learning Ally)
-Between the World and Me (Learning Ally)

- Viking Electric


All my audio is clean finished audio. No clicks, pops or background noise.