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  • Doug Warner Warner, Doug

    Deep, Soothing, Mellow, Smooth and very Conversational

  • Avatar Mora, Corina

    Bilingual English & Spanish Voice Actor & Singer

  • Avatar Burrow, Kyle

    A young and elastic voice to bring depth to your words.

  • Avatar Gillund, Gracia

    Clear, energetic, friendly, youthful, girl-next-door

  • Avatar Owens, Roy

    Guy next door, educated, believable and charismatic

  • Avatar MacDonald, Alex

    Authoritative, PBS narrator, corporate, sexy, or silly

  • Charley McCain McCain, Charley

    Warm, conversational, sexy, sultry, fun, informative

  • Lisa Foreman Foreman, Lisa

    Loves discovering all the wacky, sane people living inside of me

  • Maria Aparis Aparis, Maria

    lighthearted, joyful with an infectious laugh.

  • Zach Hoffman Hoffman, Zach

    Voice for Mankind, Silk Covered Steel