Guy Chace

Guy Chace

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"An optimistic voice catered to the most imaginative."

Over the last seven years, I've developed a love for voiceovers catered to the younger generation. Whether it be students across the world using my voice to learn English, or a child somewhere out there holding onto a "Codi", a storytelling smart toy by Pillar Learning. It's shown me that the craft is more than a craft, it's a tool for enhancing the minds of the younger generation, students of all ages, and a tool for those visually impaired. My love for VO resides across many genres, but these are my favorite.

This brought me to developing a strong passion for audio post production. Using music, dialog, and sound effects to enhance audio pieces that create vivid pictures in the mind of the listener. With sound, creativity, and voice.. Together, it can serve as inspiration for the listener. Helping to develop true feelings and emotion, through sound.


It all started in 2014 when I graduated high school with a love for voiceover. I didn't go to college, I went to work..

I met Brian Mckeever, a very well known audio engineer working at Soundtrack Group in Boston. He took me under his wing, and with the help of Dorothy Gallagher, (Expert Voice Talent) they intensively trained me on the basics of Voiceover, how to break into the business, how to market myself, and how to audition professionally. After countless classes and workshops, I left the nest with my first Commercial Demo Reel.

I felt I needed more, and went back to Brian for more workshops and training in regards to Animation voiceover, as well as training in Pro Tools. He trained me, and again sent me off with another Demo. I've learned a great deal of knowledge from these top notch mentors, and can say my professionalism stemmed from them, in which I am truly grateful for.


I've worked for many clients, but there are two that stand out to me.

Hasbro - "Chomp Squad" :30 TV

Being able to walk Into Hasbros HQ and see all of the development for future works, all the toys, and the passion within, really inspired me to to great in the world of VO.

Pillar Learning - "Codi, AI Smart Toy"

I auditioned for the role of Codi, an AI storytelling toy for children, and they loved me. The kids who listened to my audition chose me, and it really warmed my heart to know that the children want me to be the one they listen to when they pick up a Codi. I've developed incredible relationships with the creators of the toy, and am so very grateful to say I am part of the Pillar team. The Codi project, is without a doubt my highest of achievements.

More clients I've worked with..

ESPN (Tournament Challenge)
CAT (Harvey the Hammer Toy)
Maine State Lottery (Two :15 TV)
EMPOWER (Animated TV)
Clay Cars (My first radio gig)
Avanir Pharmaceuticals (WEB)
Stadium Nissan (TV/WEB)

I've also served hundreds of clients on Fiverr, providing 5 star ratings across the board since 2016.


I have developed a love for Sound Effects editing and layering, Sound Design, Demo Reel Production, and overall mixing in general. I've been trained in the proper and professional use of Pro Tools, the industry standard for Audio Post.

I currently serve as a TA for Brian McKeever for an Audio Post Production course he teaches at Soundtrack.