Felecia Angelle

Felecia Angelle

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"Kids, Teen ,Conversational ,Intelligent, Characters"

My voice has been described as "lively, but intelligent;fun, but professional". I strive to use creativity and flexibility to find the perfect voice to fit your project. My characters range from whispery,melancholy young adults to raucous,headstrong children.For commercial and narration I provide a clean,crisp,vocal quality to invite,entice,and inform.


Voices with Character - Kevin Delaney

Private Animation Coaching - Noelle Romano/Jay Snyder

Adventures in Voice Acting Advanced Workshop with Tony Oliver

Small Group Training Session - Lani Minella

Shakespeare Workshop - Rocco Dal Vera

Georgian Era British Accent Workshop- Rocco Dal Vera


Clients Include:

Sideshow Production
Disney/Jakks Pacific
Freelance Games
Galvanize Studios
Virgin Gaming
Softnetix Entertainment
Kiz Studios
Creativity for Kids
Quill o'the Wisp


Spell/Grammar Checking

Script Revisions

Copy Writing