Elan Hironaka

Elan Hironaka

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"Shine New Light with a Graceful Japanese Voiceover."

Elan is a professionally trained voiceover artist for more than 3 years, after working as a Registered Dietitian at NHK, a national TV station in Japan. As she is a professional well-versed in nutrition, beauty, and health, you’ll know she is the best person for your TV and web commercials, E-learning and instructional videos, and any other kind of voicing project related to those fields. Moreover, she has experience as Wedding MC and Facilitator and acquired a lot of skills and knowledge about voiceover work. She is also talented at singing.
She excels at making you feel like you are talking to a friend and delivers prompt, professional voice work in a variety of styles, from natural, and conversational to classy and warm, to cool and stylish. The world is currently going through uncertain times. Elan's calm, warm, and reassuring voice will put your audience at ease.
Whether your project is a corporate video, advertising spot, product demo, animation, documentary, or anything else, Elan can meet your needs, and bring your project to life with her voice! She is easy to work with and makes her clients' needs her top priority and a good singer too, so projects such as sound logos are welcome. Building a professional and trusting relationship with clients is of utmost importance.

Don’t miss out on your chance to work with Elan!


-Narrator Voice Production
-School Birds TV narration core course
-Voiceover Japan Home Studio Recording Training
-FM BIRD Radio Personality Professional course
-Bridal MC Training course


She has had a great business, doing voiceovers for world-renowned companies such as CHANEL, Microsoft, Spotify, and DWS, major Japanese machinery manufacturers, TEPCO group companies, and the National Center for Child Health and Development under the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare. Also the voice of medical equipment used in hospitals, etc.
In addition, you can hear me as the character of the Sumerian goddess Ninhursag in the mobile game Mythic Heroes.


Elan was awarded the Grand Prize in the Best English Voiceover Performance category in Voiceover Japan Awards 2022. So, I can provide English voiceovers with a Japanese accent as well as Japanese.

Expert in nutrition, health, beauty, and medical care, so she would be the perfect person to help plan the voices of those industries, and most importantly, she would be a reassuring presence.
Good at singing, so please entrust her with singing projects such as sound logos.
Also, Happy to take on dubbing projects that require acting.