Duncan Macintyre

Duncan Macintyre

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"Deep, reassuring, warm, confident, compelling, sincere, earthy"

With a 30-year track record in recording commercials used worldwide, my own broadcast-standard studio, extensive professional copywriting and editing experience, and 20 years of experience in audio and video production, I have the expertise, the equipment and the ability to help you please your client. I can deliver quickly in any audio format and via pretty much any Internet transfer protocol. Got a challenge? Bring it on!:-)


I am entirely self-trained.


I can provide multiple professional references on requests, from among colleagues, directors, and hundreds of happy clients.


I am multilingual: mother tongue North American English, with business-level fluency in Japanese and French and a smattering of Italian and German. I prefer not to narrate in any language other than American-English beyond a few words, but I have a good ear for pronunciation in five languages.