David Swinehart is the owner of Kinetic Sound Labs, a project studio recording and sound production facility in Kansas City, Missouri. The studio's goal is to provide you the best possible service throughout your project, deliver your project on time, and do it at the lowest possible price!

Kinetic Sound Labs specializes in voiceover and audio production for companies of all sizes. Primary services include:
Voiceover tracking
Voice recordings for IVR, voicemail, phone systems, and on-hold messages
Audio for video
Commercial production
Post functions

Whether you have video feeds requiring soundtrack and voice services or need to build your advertising spot from scratch, Kinetic Sound Labs has the tools, talent, and expertise to make your project stand out from the rest!

KInetic Sound Labs offers flexible delivery options, including .mp3,
.wav, or .aif delivered through e-mail, CD, or via file upload to the studio's own secure server.


David has over 12 years experience in the pro audio field and has produced both voice and audio for countless clients. A graduate of Fort Hays State University, he has worked for network affiliates WBIR television in Knoxville, TN and KSBH television in Kansas City, MO before operating his own production facility. His commercial credits include the Kansas City Chiefs, American Lung Association, NBC, and numerous businesses, large and small!

 Esperienze professionali

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Kinetic Sound Labs’ computer-based production equipment allows for state-of-the art 24bit / 96kHtz multi-track recording, 32bit effects processing, and digital mixing in a non-linear environment. This allows the ultimate in flexibility and affords you the artistic freedom to take your project in any direction.

Voiceover work is done through either our Shure KSM-27 Large Diaphragm Condenser or RØDE NTG-1 Shotgun, both industry standards for high-quality sound reproduction, and tracked via a Focusrite Platinum Series preamp with Apogee converters. This offers the voiceover artist tremendous flexibility and control, and ensures that your voiceover track is clear and strong to stand out and be recognized!