David Strong

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"The Voice... That Listens"
David Strong

Client reviews like these, make you chuckle.
“Listening to David's voice is like drinking a cold glass bottle of coke on a hot summers day!”
“Wow! This is the GUY TO GO TO for VO’s. Quality was so amazing! David was simply stunning!"

And don't get me wrong, they ARE appreciated, however it means a lot to me when comments/reviews like these are sent in:
“David really listened to our instructions and gave us exactly what we needed!”
“Amazing job as always. Thanks for making my life easy David!”
“Working with David was easy!! He was detailed, quick to respond and did a great job!”
“David provided me with an outstanding and highly professional voice over. Additionally, he is very cooperative and easy to work with.”
“Very conscious of my deadlines and communicated well to make sure all was fine. Great job!”

It's not just about finding the perfect voice, but also finding the right person to partner with you on a project.

With 10+ years in voice recording and my own private studio, you won't have to worry about whether you'll be receiving top-notch quality, because you'll be bringing in a reliable team-member with the experiential insight of many past projects, who will make sure and stage yours in the best way possible.

I can also guarantee you that it will be a lot of fun! :)

Take a listen to some of my demos, by clicking on the audio or video links below.

If your interested in working with me, you can contact me through my site:


David Strong
The Voice... That Listens
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Modern technology is amazing!!! And it has empowered today's personal studios with the capabilities of being outfitted with world class, broadcast quality audio equipment that equals any top end commercial studio.

With 10+ years in voice recording and my own pro studio, you can be guaranteed top-notch quality and the experiential insight of many past projects, to help stage your project in the best way possible.

My voice is described as warm, trustworthy, authoritative, relatable & have delivered a wide range of age groups.


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