Celine Hakoun

Celine Hakoun

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"Engaging voice with personality"

If your project needs good energy, upbeat rhythm and personality, my voice could be a great fit. I can deliver a very natural and conversational read to any project. I can speed things up for corporate and commercial projects. Or slow things down for eLearning and how-to videos. My voice naturally has some inflexions, which makes it approachable, authentic and trustworthy. I can use a higher register for younger voices, or drop it low for a more mature sound.


I developed my acting skills over 15 years in the theater. This gives me an authenticity of tone, and a great flexibility in my delivery. I also take direction well, and break down a script with ease to provide reads that are true to the client's objectives. My training also comes from extensive recording sessions at dubbing studio, working with top directors in both English and French. That's where I learned mic technique and how to modulate my voice to deliver reads that are on point for every project. My formal voice training includes improvisation and voice health.


- Vista Higher Learning "Promenades." French language course modules. English/French narration.
- Tattoo Projects Advertising, client projects in English.
- NBC Universal "La Doña2". English dubbing. Character: Fatima. 40+ episodes.
- HBO "Hard." English dubbing. Multiple characters, Season 1.
- Lead voice in the French version of "Combat Wombat." Character: Maggie Diggins. Animation film 2020.


- Fully bilingual: English - French
- Delivering clean files with diminished breaths and normalized audio
- Delivered to your specificities