Becky Lynn

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"a conversational but informative, crisp and clear delivery"

Becky Lynn's voice is one that stands out with out jumping out and hitting you up side of the head. The listener's ear is grabbed with a slightly different, yet familiarly, friendly sound. The girl next door, the mom, the nutty neighbor, yet also the intelligent businesswoman who can thoroughly explain the toughest of issues with complete understanding. Excellent delivery, clean and clear with a smile when the message warrants it.


L.A.--Marice Tobias, Carol Day Kimball, Chuck Duran
Phoenix--Patrick Fraley
Continuing training


I have many years experience in voicing commercials (both radio and TV), e-learning, documentaries/narration and on hold. I take direction extremely well and can give you different takes on the same spot. If you're not sure what you're looking for, I can help you find it. Clients call me again and again and recommend me to others.